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Rarely will you find a product with the flexibility and versatility found in prepaid phone cards. Small and inexpensive, yet highly valuable to the holder, these cards readily adapt themselves to dozens of sales and marketing applications with no special requirements.
Early in the 1990s savvy businesses started using prepaid phone cards to promote products, services, events, art and tourism on the card face. The result was a global explosion of color, graphics and design. No longer were these simply functional products, but a means to reinforce the company's message, create an ongoing interaction with its customer base, augment its advertising, and increase its image and goodwill.
In recent years, new technology and innovations have pushed the door to the realm of possibilities open even wider.
The prepaid calling cards unparalleled flexibility offers you multiple opportunities to deliver your marketing message to your target audience.
As a Promotional Item

The prepaid calling card acts as a pocket billboard, delivering your promotional message every time the cardholder takes it out to place a call. The card can be designed to promote a single product, a product line, or a whole company. Custom voice messages can be used to reinforce the promotion each time cardholder makes a call. Cards can be used to promote a product release, build customer loyalty, or commemorate a special event.
As an Incentive

Use as a special gift for purchasing your product. Give to special customers to encourage repeat business. Give to employees as a thank you. Use as a reward for purchasing a specific kind or quantity of product.

Prepaid phone cards have proven to be an excellent fundraising vehicle over the past few years. Used as both an incentive to make a contribution, and a fundraiser in its own right, prepaid phone cards are rapidly becoming the fundraising vehicle of choice among civic, community and non-profit organizations.
Some of the benefits of using the prepaid phone card in a fundraising effort include:

Organizations currently utilizing the pre-paid calling card platform:

The Junior Seau Foundation *** The Zoological Society of Florida *** The Ryan White Aids Foundation and many, many more.

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